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"GOLEM! sticks up two fingers at Shakespeare purists...

More please!"

Laura Kressly - The Play's The Thing

According to legend, the Golem is a creature made out of raw clay, re-formed in a new shape, and brought to life with words.

We create theatre by repurposing and reimagining texts, shedding new light on stories you might think you already know.



Our theatre is made by reconstructing the architecture of plays. We look for the hidden stories and try to find justice for the missing pieces. Text is the foundation of our work, but we don't think of it as sacred: we play with words, subverting preconceptions and revealing new meaning.


We resource, repurpose and reimagine stories into bold and irreverent new work.


Our productions submerge the audience in a detailed, intimate world. We forensically explore character to expose the honesty, humour and truth of human relationships, stripping things back to find relatable, real people, who may just happen to be in extreme circumstances. 




GOLEM! are delighted to share that we are developing a brand new production based on the life and works of Oscar Wilde:
'Is He Earnest?'.


'Is He Earnest?' originated as part of Omnibus Theatre's Engine Room development programme in November 2018, which our writer David Fairs used as a springboard to create a full-length draft. GOLEM! then produced a staged reading of this script at Katzpace in August 2019. As with the rest of the industry, our plans were halted by COVID-19 - but we persevered and in October 2020 worked with the students of Coventry University to expand the ensemble elements, including nightclub vogue and lip-sync sequences! Development continues on GOLEM!'s most ambitious project to date.


As the world slowly moves out of lockdown, GOLEM! continues to evolve. Film has played an important part in our recent lives and has been a vital tool for the theatre industry this year. Having been given the opportunity to experiment with the use of live broadcast cameras at Coventry University, we're currently exploring the possibility of transitioning previous GOLEM! productions to the screen. Live theatre, live film, recorded film, and a combination thereof offer some very exciting and innovative storytelling opportunities that we are keen to investigate!

Watch this space, follow us on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM, and like our FACEBOOK page for more news...

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